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Profil Lee Yo Won (이요원)

Name: Lee Yo Won (이요원)
Profession: Aktris
Birth date: 9 April 1980
Birth place: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 173cm
Zodiac: Aries
Blod type: B
Husband: Park Jin Woo
Daughter: Park Ae Rin
Study: Sungil Girl’s High School, Dankook University
Favorite colour: blue
Favorite flower: yellow flower
Facebook (pages)*: 리 요 원 atau Yowon Lee Park
Facebook*: Lee Yo Won  atau Yowon Lee Park 
Twitter*: @Yowon_lee  
Website (Fans Corner):
MBC Channel Web: 이요원
Active Period: 1998-now
Agencies: J&H Film

*maybe wrong (if you want to find Lee Yo Won photo's, you can visit FB page Saranghae Lee Yo Won)

Empire of Gold/황금의 제국 (SBS, 2013): sebagai Choi Seo Yoon
download Empire of Gold 
Horse Doctor/마의 (MBC, 2012): sebagai Kang Ji Nyung
website: twitter; soompi; blog DC

download Horse Doctor
Horse Doctor English subtitle
49 Days (SBS, 2011): sebagai Song Yi Kung
Queen Seon Deok (MBC, 2009): sebagai Deok Man/ Ratu Seon Deok
Bad Love (KBS2, 2007): sebagai Na In Jung
Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (SBS, 2007): sebagai Bong Dal Hee
download Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (Vietnam hardsubs) (4 Gb) 
Fashion 70’s (SBS, 2005): sebagai Han Doe Mi
Daemang/ Great Ambition (SBS, 2002): sebagai Yoon Yeo Jin
Blue Love/ Blue Mist (KBS, 2001): sebagai Lee Sin Woo
Pure Heart (KBS2, 2001): sebagai Han See Jin
Tough Guy’s Love (KBS, 2000): sebagai Hoe Ji Hye
School 2 (KBS, 1999): sebagai Kim Yeon Jin

Legend Punch/Fist of Legend/전설의 주먹 (2013): sebagai Namwon
Suspect X/용의자 X (2012): sebagai Hwa Seon
The Recipe (2010): sebagai Jang Hye Jin
May 18/ Splendid Holidays (2007): sebagai Park Shin Ae
When Romance Meets Destiny (2005): sebagai Go Yoon Gyeong
Surprise Party (2002): sebagai Wang Ha Young
A.F.R.I.K.A (2002): sebagai Ji Won
Take Care of My Cat (2001): sebagai Shin Hye Joo
Attack the Gas Station (1999): sebagai Ggal Chi
Scent of a Man (1998)

Queen Seon Deok OST Part 2: Bi Dam (Sad Story) (2009)

Yangpa, Davichi, Hanna-Love is All The Same (2012)

Shin Song Hoon – Sarangchi (2009)

SeeYa – Love Greeting (2007)

SeeYa – Ice Doll (2007)

T Yoon Mira – Cry Without Words (2007)

Vibe – Moonshine (2006)

Ji Seo Ryeon – Makes Me Want to Cry (2002)
WHY – Be Happy (20010)
Position – I Love You (2002)

K2 – Her Lover (1999)

A4 – Forgiveness Will (1999)
O.P.P.A – WAYO!WAYO! (1998)

Deep – Please Baby Don’t Cry (1998)

1997 CLEAN&CLEAR (和金敏善) Johnson & Johnson cosmetics
1998 图书礼券 book voucher
1998 CROWN食品 foods
1999 Y'SB服饰 apparels
1999 CLEAN&CLEAR(和金成恩) Johnson & Johnson cosmetics
1999 P&G 卫生用品 health supplies
1999 健康饮品 healthy drinks
1999 SAMSUNG MOBILE(和朴志胤) telecommunications
2000 CROWN食品 foods
2000 FRENCH CAFE(和元彬) drinks with Won Bin
2000 KTF电讯-N016(和孔孝贞) telecommunications
2000 ORION食品 foods
2001 LG Double Rich 染发剂 hair dye
2001 LG CYON(和刘志泰) telecommunications
2001 CALLI化妆品 cosmetics
2001 MIGLIORE百货 departmental store
2002 Shany面包 bread
2002 Oodles服饰 apparels
2002 CALLI化妆品 cosmetics
2002 SK电讯(和张东健) telecommunications, with Jang Dong Gun
2002 SK电讯(和RAIN) telecommunications, with RAIN
2003 Moneta电讯 telecommunications
2005 Haustory房地产 housing properties
2006 Frisunsat服饰 apparels
2007 新东亚Familie房地产- Hiparkcity(和丹尼斯吴)housing properties, with Dennis Oh
2008 Dongwha木地板 wooden floorings
2008 农心济州纯净水NongShim mineral water
2008 新东亚房地产 the Familie one housing properties
2009 现代海商汽车保险 Hicar insurance
2009 Hilite insurance
2010 O hui cosmetics

  • Fame One Day of Civil Service Chief Tax (Maret 2010)
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Hello Football (Desember 2009)
  • Goodwill Ambassador of North Gyeongsang Province Tourism (Desember 2009)

  •  2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excelence Award - (Empire of Gold)
  • 2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award - (Empire of Gold)
  • 2011 SBS Drama Awards: Producer's Choice Award - (49 Days)
  • 2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award - (49 Days)
  • 2010 Indosiar Mania Awards: Most Favorite Asian Actress
  • 2010 Asia Model Festival Awards: Special Award for Asian Drama
  • 2009 10th Korean Media Ceremony: Photogenic Award
  • 2009 Grime Awards: Best Actress Award (Queen Seon Duk)
  • 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Kim Nam Gil - Queen Seon Duk)
  • 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award Actress -(Queen Seon Duk)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award - Actress - (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Bum Soo - Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award - (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Netizens' Choice Award - (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award - (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2005 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Special Planning Drama - Actress - (Fashion 70's)
  • 2005 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award (Fashion 70's)
  • 2002 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Daemang)
  • 2001 22nd Blue Dragon Awards: Best New Actress Award - (Take Care of My Cat)
  • 2001 9th Spring History Film Festival: Best Actress Award - (Take Care of My Cat)
  • 2001 37th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress Award - (Take Care of My Cat)
  • 2001 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award


(Empire of Gold)

(Horse Doctor)

(49 Days)

(Queen Seon Deok)

(Bad Love)

(Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)

(Fashion 70's)


(Blue Mist)

(Pure Heart)

(Fist of Legend)

(Suspect X)

(May 18)

(The Recipe)

(Surprise Party)


(Take Care of My Cat)

(Attack The Gas Station) 

About Lee Yo Won:
(resources: wikipedia)
Lee Yo-Won was born on April 4, 1980 in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. In 1997, during her sophomore year in high school, Lee Yo-Won applied for a modelling contest and was picked as the winner. After the contest she debuted in the monthly fashion magazine "Figaro" (휘가로) for its November issue. In 1998, Lee Yo-Won made her acting debut in the film "Scent of a Man". While acting for her first movie, Lee Yo-Won sometimes teared up because staff members only applauded the other actors for their work. Then some staff members noticed her tears and mentioned she was good at tearing up. That was the first time she positive words about her acting. With her confidence building and gaining more attention from the staff members Lee Yo-Won realized she wanted to pursue acting as a profession.
For her second film, Lee Yo-Won played gas station attendent Galchi in the hit movie "Attack the Gas Station!" - which sold 2.4 million tickets. Thanks to the popularity of that film Lee Yo-Won started to gain recognition from the public. Lee Yo-Won then acted in several television dramas.
In 2001, Lee Yo-Won's big breakthrough came in the KBS TV drama "Blue Love" (Pureun Angae). For the first time Lee Yo-Won played the lead character in a TV drama and the series became a big hit. The drama itself contained a controversial (for its time) storyline involving a woman in her early 20's becoming involved romantically with a married man in his 40's.
In the same year, 2001, Lee Yo-Won acted as one of the three main characters in the critically praised indie film "Take Care of My Cat" directed by female director Jeong Jae-Eun. The film was chosen as one of the 5 best films of 2001 by "Cine Seoul" magazine. Lee Yo-Won would also mentioned in a 2009 interview with "Elle Korea" fashion magazine that "Take Care of My Cat" was her most memorable work
In 2003, at the age of 22, Lee Yo-Won made the surprising announcement that she will marry. By the end of January, Lee Yo-Won married professional golfer & businessman Park Jin-Woo. Lee Yo-Won temporarily put her acting career on hold while she went to the U.S. with her husband to study. In 2004, Lee Yo-Won had her first child. In an interview with TV show "Section TV - S Diary" on MBC, Lee Yo-Won mentioned that at the time of her marriage she was tired of acting and the demands placed on her.
In 2005, Lee Yo-Won made her acting comeback in the SBS drama series "Fashion 70's". She chose the role for three reason: because it was a historical drama, that it was directed by Lee Jae-Kyu (who previously directed popular female oriented detective drama "Damo: The Legendary Police Woman") and that it dealt with a woman's career and success rather than a pure love story.
After "Fashion 70's," Lee Yo-Won acted in various drama and movies. In 2009, Lee Yo-Won performed in another smash-hit television series, this time in the MBC historical drama "The Great Queen Seondeok". Lee Yo-Won played main characer Queen Seondeok, who possessed extraordinary intelligence and strength. In an interview with "Star News," Lee Yo-Won stated she was tired of playing woman who were fragile and weak and eagerly took the role of Queen Seondeok because of this.
In 2010, Lee Yo-Won's next film "The Recipe" was released in late October. She appeared at the world premiere for "The Recipe" during the Pusan International Film Festival (in which AsianMediaWiki attended). During the question and answer session Lee Yo-Won stated she chose the film, because she wanted to work with another female director due to her great experience with "Take Care of My Cat." Although she was initially relunctant to take on another role of a "fragile woman," the movie's producer Jang Jin and movie director Lee Seo-Goon convinced her this would be the right role for her.

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